Your personal domain, sometimes referred to as a custom URL, is a way to create links that incorporate your brand.

For example, if you have the brand "SomeBrand" and your domain is "sbr.com," and you connect your personal domain to the Goo.su system, your link, instead of being branded under the goo.su domain (goo.su/8), will display your own domain (sbr.com/8).

When a link includes your brand, it helps people recognize and associate your links with your product or company. When they see your brand, they trust your links. This leads to a higher click-through rate.

Custom Domains + Goo.su

When you purchase or add your custom domain to your Goo.su account, it can replace "goo.su" in your short links. In the example above, SomeBrand's sbr.com replaces goo.su as shown.

You can edit the end of the URL, which we call an alias, to create an even more recognizable link, such as "sbr.com/cool."

Please note that this domain cannot be the same domain pointing to your website, but you can redirect it there.

Remember this when choosing and setting up your custom domain:

  • DNS records are not updated immediately and may take up to 72 hours. For more information on configuring DNS records for your personal domain, read here.
  • The domain for your short links must be different from your website domain.
  • Its length cannot exceed 32 characters, including the dot.
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