How to shorten a long Instagram link?

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Many Instagram users experience a problem when the links of their favorite photos or profiles are too long . When you try to share such a link with friends in SMS or social networks - it simply does not fit in a standard message. And they look very ugly, using long links is not very convenient. Shortening a long instagram link is now very easy. Using our inst links shortening service you can easily shorten a long URL with one click.Just paste the long Instagram address into the field and click the REDUCE button. Done - the long Instagram link is shortened. Send the generated short link to your friends or share it on social networks.Using the GOO.SU short link service , you can easily trim any link without registering with the service. Just enter a long link and you will get a short address starting with Such a short link is completely analogous to the long Instagram link, with only one difference - it is very short, it is convenient to copy and send to friends on social networks.It’s even faster and easier to shorten instagram links. Use our extension for Google Chrome . Install the GOO.SU extension , and shorten any instagram links - photos, videos, Instagram profile. One click - and the link is generated and copied.
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