Want to make a short link? Use Google Short Link Service - GOO.SU

Of course, long links are inconvenient and ugly. After all, if you need to send the link https : //chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/free-link-short ... in a regular CMC - it just won’t fit in the message. In this case, the GOO.SU free short-link generator will help you. After all, the same link may look like https://goo.su/oo . Convenient, isn't it?

With just one click, you can shorten the long URL. Just paste your large link in the field and click on the Shorten button. Your short link is ready to use. Copy it and send it to your friends in the messenger or social networks

The main advantage of our link shortening service is that it is absolutely free. We care about users, we are glad if it is convenient for our customers to use our service.